Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shin's Palliative Care Team- Thank You

I would like to take a moment here to explain to you the enormous help provided to us by the Assisi Palliative Home Care doctors and nurses. We would NOT have been able to cope in those last four weeks without them. I am writing about them for two reasons. Firstly to say thank you to them and to show publicly our huge appreciation for all they did for us, and secondly to tell those of you who may one day need this kind of help, just how valuable it is. I honestly never thought we would need this support. I wish someone had told me.

Carol (Tony's mum) and I spent days phoning and visiting hospices and home care teams in Singapore to work out which would be best for Shin. We chose Assisi partly because of its quality hospice facilities and flexible entry rules. But mostly because of the passion and good feeling we felt while we were there. The lady who was the face of the organisation was the primary reason for our final decision because of the warmth and comfort she gave us in representing Assisi.

From the first time a doctor and nurse arrived at our home to the very last visit we had, we received nothing but love, compassion, understanding, professionalism and quality advice. Their primary objective was to make sure Shin was comfortable, no matter what.

And believe it or not, this service is FREE to all Singaporeans.

We used a combination of morphine, midazolam and haloperidal to help reduce/remove Shin's pain and breathing problems and they constantly adjusted the levels of each to get them just right. They took the time to explain to us what to expect at each step. They treated Shin with respect. They treated us with respect.

Tony and I will write more about what we, and Shin experienced through the last couple of weeks. I hope that all of this is helping or will help others.

Thank you to everyone at the Memorial Service who donated so generously to Assisi, we raised just short of $5,000 which has been passed to Assisi in honor of Shin.

Thank you Assisi, for everything you did for Shin. She is a special person and she deserved such professionalism and love.



writerinresidence said...

That's amazing! Thanks Michelle, for sharing that. Shin had talked about it in her blog previously, but this certainly gives us a complete picture of those last weeks.

Anonymous said...

That's marvellous! Marvellous that there's Assisi Palliative Home Care professionals who help not only Shin but her love ones. Marvellous that donation are raised and in honour of Shin. :)

This will create awareness because I am sure many don't know about this professional help or that they are so responsible and caring professionals.

Thanks Michelle and Tony that both of you decided to write more.

Are you still in s'pore? Hope you can visit Tony, Josie and Toby more often. :) Is nice knowing you and Alicia.

Anonymous said...

I too agree that it is an excellent service. My mother who died from breast cancer was provided with this service. The problem is that there are many who cannot accept their impending death or death of their loved ones. As such, doctors and those in the know may not readily recommend the use of such a service.

Anonymous said...

I get to know this blog from a local Mandarin counselling web which wrote a Chinese article on Shin. I was impressed. Thanks Shin and her families and the care team. All the best to all of you forever.

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Anonymous said...

ehh.. good style :))