Monday, February 2, 2009

More Links

Thanks to everyone who keep sending me links. Here is another to the Chinese Language paper.



Anonymous said...

Tony, you are most welcome :)

I am not sure if the link will be "gone" after sometime..hope that all that can be recorded so that Josie and Toby can read and see when they are older and I am sure Shin would like to have them recorded for them too (memories of her)...Also, hope that Michelle and Alicia can have backup copies of them and those videos,etc, that Shin has for them. I can feel the ache if those are "destroyed" or "damaged" unintentionally because those are the only memories of Shin for the kids. Did Shin kept them in fire proof which she wanted too?

Sorry to be too nosy, if I am :P...because can see how much Shin wanted Josie and Toby to have memories of her which they can touch, hear, read and all that can't be bought using money nor replaced/recorded again...

Tony, just to let you know that our heart goes to you as well as the kids and if you need any help or advise, pls don't hesitate to post it here. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I think is safer if you can print out all the posts (I think Shin did print out ?) because I have a friend whose blog got deleted without her knowledge and she has to redo/repost. (lucky she has bkup of what she posted)

zorop said...

to store all posts use firefox type:

save posts:
1.right click on blank area anywhere and view source
2. save as name.html

save all photos:
1. goto tools/page info/media
2. right click/select all
3. click below save as

if you cant do it, let me know i'll do it for you and email all to you. it's public domain, anybody who knows how can do it.

Tony said...

Anon and Anon,

I agree, and its not too nosy. Shin wanted me to make sure to find a way to preserve the blog and and any related documents.

My brother's wife who is smart with web stuff said she would look into ways of permanently capturing the news clips. I tired but could not figure out how.

Zorop, excellent. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Tony, very glad and relieve to know that you are trying to and there are many who are also worried/concern about that too. :)

Really don't hesitate to post here for any help or advise because is easier to find ways and solutions to any issue since we are (or rather majority) of us are sincere in offering any of our help here even in the future. Two heads are better than one :P but you may just treat them as advises (if is not related to "technical" issue) which you can "listen" to and make the necessary evaluations thereafter. :)

Take care and it takes time to be able to remember and think of Shin without feeling sad,cry, etc...I been through that. Don't be too "harsh" on yourself and the kids' emotion aspect because that will take time, ok? :)

Anonymous said...


Newspaper cuttings too..chinese paper n the english day
Josie or Toby maybe able to read chinese keep them too.
Laminate or preserve the paper cuttings.

The fire proof chest or box..good to think to get one..maybe we can start to source for it.Trust Shin to think of it ahead and she is spot on.My heart ached for Josie and Toby and you.Your Shin has taught and touched lot of people here.My deepest condolences to you & family, do continue to be strong Tony.


Anonymous said...

Tony, you may write or call up SPH(for the chinese report in and mediacorp for the news clip on how you can have a copy? I am sure they will be happy to let you have them if you tell them the reason. Really hope that all these about Shin and her wishes can be fulfilled but that can only be done if "3rd parties" are willing. However I believe they will be more than willing to if they know the reason behind. Shin will be very glad to know that you and so many are helping her to fulfill her wishes. :)