Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Memorial Service - The Paddle Salute

Below is the video of the first part of memorial service. It started with the paddle salute. These are Shin's teammates from her breast cancer dragon boat team. She was really impressed and surprised by her teammates on her dragon boat team for being so brave, spunky and full of life. Several teammates are still battling advance cancer. Our thoughts are with them.

I was really happy with the quality of the video. Shin's friends Lynn Lee and James Leong who are documentary film makers shot and edited the video. Shin and I loved their movies (Homeless FC, Aki Ra's Boys, Passabe). They have a great knack for finding and unusual story and bringing it to life. Now they are working on a movie about an athlete from Africa who wants to be the first black African in the Tour de France. I think it comes out later this year. Think of it as Shin's parting advice, you got to check out their movies when you get a chance (http://www.lianain.blogspot.com/).

The first video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjxBhYsSBC0


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, can feel how you were feeling and you are controlling your tears/emotion...our hearts goes to you too...do take care and yes, is going to be hard missing Shin but I am sure Shin still give you constant strength.

Can see that Michelle is also trying to smile. Do take care Michelle, thanks so much for being really a great friend. yes, Tony is right that you and Alicia are what "wonderful and true friend" means. Shin is lucky and both of you are lucky to have each other as true friends.

Min said...

Hi Tony, Michelle and Alicia,
thanks for doing everything you guys could for Shin.
I'm glad that you all had made the effort to keep readers of Shin's blog updated.
I hope that you guys will continue to keep us updated about your life(Josie and Toby too).
Maybe you could post more anecdotes of Shin too.

May Shin rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

what a completely phenomenal eulogy, tony. although i wasn't there to hear it in person, i can sense the notes of humor dispersed throughout and also love that you spoke directly to the kids and made it interactive for them, continuing to instill the important values and lessons shin would want all of us to know and adopt. the eulogies reflect the very best and essence of shin and i only wish i had been there to hear it in person. thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your personal relationship with shin, both past and recent, and family life with us.

i miss shin so very much! and i'm saying this as a practical stranger. but i hope you are able to garner strength from her spirit through this time of reflection.

as always, our thoughts are with your family. lots of love to you and your kids!

Ryann de mummie said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the videos and postings regarding the memorial service.

My apologies for not stepping forward to speak to you personally at memorial service as i need to rush off to pick up my son.

I totally agree with Josie and Toby that we can always find Shin in our hearts.

I agree with Min that hopefully you will continue to keep this blog alive with updates about yourself,Josie and Toby and continue to inspire more people to make this world a better place.

Love from Phoebe

Co Co said...


It's been a pleasure to knowing Shin, you as well as ur 2 beautiful kids after watching the documentary. We all know that Shin had the ability to make a difference in other people lives. Her positive, strong determination during her battle with cancer really impress me alot. Her courage, her toughness is rare to be seen in this planet. And I'm glad I got a chance to know her thru this blog.

Tony, both Shin and you are really lucky and blessed to knowing one another. To have got married and have 2 beautiful kids. I remembered Shin have wrote on one of her blogs saying,"I dun want to be someone else mother, I just wanna be Josie and Toby mother". These words are so LOUD that it kept crossing my mind...

I'm not a person that are good with words compare to Shin. Just sincerely hope that you and ur 2 beautiful kids will live well each and everyday!

Anonymous said...

Tony, I have only the silent words of your eulogy on Shin's blog but you and Alicia said it all. You are a loving, wonderful person and so was Shin. Although I met her but once she was an inspiration to me. I read and continue to read her blog. I have watched every clip and slideshow and I can say that Shin was a beautiful lady. She loved her children and husband and no other would do. She loved you before the children and after. Her love of all people and wish to contribute to a clean world and reach out to others in pain was evident until we lost her.

Please know that you and Josie and Toby as well as Shin are in our prayers. I have had her on a prayer list for a long time even though she did not believe in the same way that we did. You were blessed to have years with her and she was blessed to have you and your family and so many wonderful friends.

God's peace to you. With love.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had learnt alot from Shin, her family and friends...it surely give me strength to fight whatever my fiance and I are going through now...Thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a moving tribute! Watching the salute brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to all these wonderful women.

I had not known that Michelle was part of the dragon boat team as well. Michelle, we know nothing about your own cancer experience and I do hope so much that luck is on your side. You have shown us blogreaders how strong and deep true friendship can be. We have grown really fond of you and wish you well from the bottom of our hearts.

Anonymous said...

is the man among the paddlers also a survivor...?

Tony said...

Michelle was made an honorary member for the ceremony. Michelle does not have cancer.

And you may have seen three men on the team. 2 were the husbands of women on the team that have passed away. And then there is Jason who is the team trainer. As far as I know, he just generously gives his time to help train the team.

Teri said...

I don't want to make more work for you, but if any of you wonderful people feel up to it, you might want to create a memorial on www.findagrave.com and link to it on the blog. That way anybody and everybody can 'stop by' and leave a note, virtual flowers, etc. on special occasions or just when they find themselves thinking about her. I just thought it would be appropriate since Shin and her loving family and friends made such good use of the internet to get her words across and to reach out to so many people. It's kind of comforting to express loving thoughts, sadness of loss, and just spend some quiet time reflecting.